Sunday, June 8, 2008

Refining and adding details

I made two major changes. First I reconfigured the background a bit, simplifying it. Within the tonal range that I must work with, I wanted to take advantage of the pinks and purples to portray morning light, which is usually pinkish in tone. With this thought, I added some more light to the horses themselves, giving a clear direction of where the sunlight is coming from.
Second change was to the horse in the very far right corner. I felt it needed a bit more space to clearly define it, so I added some more "rump" in the background color.
I used the mother color in all the horses, most notably in the white one. The two horses furthest from the viewer are left with less detail, and the darkest darks and lightest lights are reserved for the more prominant horses.

It's close to being finished at this point.. just need to touch up and refine a few things. If you squint your eyes, you can see that the basics of the original panel, the color and the shapes, are still intact, so I think the design is a success.

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