Tuesday, March 23, 2010


another day in portrait group. I never did post last week's effort.  We had a great model, who is a Revolutionary War re-enactor, and came dressed in 1680's garb (yes, I know that's before the Revolution! He does several time periods, including Civil War era).  I hated my portrait. I scraped it out with all intention of trying to re-work it from photos, but just never did  touch it again.
 Today's model was the granddaughter of one of our members, a nursing student and a sweet gal.  I think she was really getting tired and was having trouble holding the pose, but nobody complained, and we all enjoyed the practice.  This is such a great group of folks and the cost is so reasonable, that it is well worth the hour drive it takes to get there.
There is simply no substitute for practice, especially for portraits.  I'm learning  and still have so far to go, but every week there is a new discovery. Today, I tried a different color, and like it.  I added Terra Rosa to my shadow mixes and felt like it created some nice shades.  But I can see that there are so many opportunities for beautiful subtle color variations that I simply don't have the smarts to do yet...
Jennifer seemed to really like this portrait, and she was such a good sport, I gave it to her.  she was tickled, and I was happy she liked it.