Thursday, March 6, 2014

Masterworks Miniatures.

So, it's time for Masterworks of New Mexico again.  It's a juried event down in  Albuquerque, a combination of three shows, actually - and hosted by three separate art associations.  More about the big show later. In addition to 'regular sized" art, they also have a juried miniature show.  
 These are three of my five entries.  I don't have a camera, so am using cell  phone pictures, which definitely has it's drawbacks. Color is off and I cannot seem to correct it.The size of these is 4x4 inches- about the length of a q-tip is a good way to think about it.   
It's a different process, working this small, and since I pretty much only do it for this show, seems I have to go through the learning curve every year all over again. Still, its a nice challenge, and I don't take it all too seriously.  I have two more in process, which I will post once they are all done. I hope the jury likes cowboys.  :-)

High Country Views

Range Rider

Through Summer Pastures