Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally/! The Completed Mural Mosaic

The completed Fifth Mountain Mural

A few weeks ago, the finished mural mosaic was installed in the new Emergency Wing of the Monadnock Community Hospital, where it will live until final installation in the restored Park Theatre in Jaffrey.
This mural, comprised of 288  panels, each 8" square, is the culmination of nearly two years of work, and the work of over 125 artists, and countless hours of volunteer labor.   I am proud and happy to have been a part of this project, that not only raised about $12K for the theatre restoration, but brought together the community in a way that I could never have imagined. 
We purposely invited student artwork as part of this project, and even one kindergartener painted a panel. Below, I've included a few  individual panels below.
Amelia Johnson, age 5
Briar Haigh, age 11
Mary Iselin - these sheep formed the edge of a pine tree in the completed mural

Barbara Mahar - St. Pat's church
these light blue sky panels were hard to keep values light.
Ann Sawyer - the important thing was to keep the colors and lines of the original mural intact.

Robert Price, our oldest artist
Robert Seaman -he painted more panels than anyone besides myself, and all of them were beautiful.
Ed Merrill - he took over chairmanship of the mural after I moved to New Mexico

Betty Glass... one of many artists who excelled at creating not only artwork that fit into the mural, but
beautiful stand-alone artwork as well
me, this was a real study in close values. These river otters and rocks formed the back of the artist in the "big picture".

Well, I could add about 280 more. This was such a huge undertaking, but the pay off is seeing the finished project, and knowing how it brought people together for a common cause, and created a lasting visual history of the Monadnock region.  There are historical figures, events, landmarks, people, places, activities, and many references to all the wonderful things that make the Monadnock region so special.
If you are in the Peterborough, NH area, please stop by the hospital and take a look.  

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Jasper at the Window

This little furry pal belongs to a good friend.  The photo is at her beautiful beach cottage on Chappaquiddick, off the coast of Massachusetts. She had been trying to get my hubby and me out there for a visit, but it just never worked out and now we are halfway across the country. So now she sends me photos to show me what I have been missing all this time. 
Jasper is a West Highland Terrier.  Believe m, he has personality, and besides being darn cute, he is completely "doggy" in all the best ways.    I like the little guy alot.  And had fun painting him (the result of not being able to sleep, so got up and decided to see what I could do with this photo.  About an hour and a half, maybe more.. I wasn't paying attention to time.
Took my slightly larger goofy doggies (now 80 pounds at one year, and 55 pounds, at 6 months) out for a hike and did a bit of plein air.  More on that tomorrow!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Theme today is: Cliffs

This past weekend, Steve and I did about 28 miles in the Sandia Mountains above Albuquerque.  We started on the north end at around 6500 feet elevation and hiked/ran up to the top of Sandia Crest, 10,700 ft., stopped and ate our lunch where the tram comes up, and then ran back to the car.  The trail is beautiful, and goes through several climate zones, from scrub to high desert, to alpine forest.  Above is a view near the turn around point where the tram comes up.
The views here were really spectacular.
And the trail, as you can see, rather precipitous.  No tripping allowed!
 Looking down towards Albuquerque.
Really beautiful up near the top.. This is a part of the La Luz trail.

 And here's another view a few miles from our house. We discovered these cliffs high above the Jemez Valley on a hike one day..... the drop is at least 1000 feet, maybe more.  Straight down.

Whew! Much easier to paint them from the bottom looking up.
There are some trails out behind this mesa, and a gypsum mine too.  We found some crystalized gypsum on our hike - it resembles mica somewhat.  The regular powdery white stuff is just like chalk.. it's what they use to make sheetrock. I always keep interesting rock samples, so gathered a little for my collection from the trails up there.  Not far from here, I have found marine fossils.  Think about that....

Painting, Grazing in San Ysidro, is 8x10 and can be purchased by clicking  here.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Friend David

 Dave Whitelock is maybe one of the kindest, warmest, nicest folks you're ever likely to meet.  Currently, he and his equally wonderful wife Rosi run an Inn in beautiful Lake City, CO.  
Here they are at the Inn,
and here's the view from the front porch.. Not bad, huh?

David and Rosi have had a major influence on my life.  When I was a young teenager, I went to a Christian summer camp down in  Texas called Camp Peniel. David and Rosi were directors of the camp, and they welcomed this awkward, shy (yes, shy!) tomboyish girl with open arms and open hearts.  They just loved all of us kids there.  They demonstrated what real faith means. There's nothing fake about the Whitelocks.  They are as real and down to earth as it gets. And they've dedicated their entire lives to loving folks in Jesus' name. In the last few years, they have opened the Inn at the Lake, and have a campfire, a cup of coffee, and some great stories always ready to share with anyone who comes to stay.  (Rosi is a very good cook, too, and the breakfasts are to die for).

As life happens, after high school and college, I gradually lost touch with Rosi and David, though I never forgot them. How I "found" them again involves my other pastime, running.

The "mother" of all the races that we attempt is the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run in Colorado.  Part of the Hardrock course goes right past Lake City, and  through a series of "coincidences" I learned that Rosi and David were now in Lake City. Imagine my delight when I was able to go pay them a visit while in Colorado preparing for the race.  Though 35 years had gone by, it was as if it had only been a week, only we were all old and gray now!  Since that time a few years ago, we have kept in touch and I cherish their friendship.

I snapped this photo of David when he stopped by for a visit recently.   Though I can't really do it justice, it is in a small way just to honor these two very special folks.