Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last panel for the Equine Mural

At the last minute, I took on the challenge of one more panel for the equine mural.
This panel arrived yesterday, and I needed to be done with it today, so I had to think fast, draw fast and paint fast! It was a very challenging panel, as you can see. And I might just add that the "before" image is an electronic copy I received for reference, and it is just slightly different from what appeared on the actual panel. So, if you compare the two and think I am way off, it's really not! I promise!
I had thought that a different panel was on it's way, and had been planning ahead for that one, so what a surprise to open the box and see this very difficult piece of the overall mural. I did not have time to stop and document the progress, so here is just the before and after. I titled it "At the Waterhole" and I think that it maintains the shapes and colors of the original. It will be fun to see the large mural image come together, so keep checking on it for updates.
None of the many artists involved know what the overall image is, so we are wondering and waiting right along with you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ah... New Mexico

Haven't done any painting here yet, though I will try to get out today. I'm here to train for the Hardrock and need to focus on doing that.
This is a photo of Redondo Peak, taken while we were walking to the mailbox. It's a shame to have such views on your way to get the mail, isn't it?
But that's why we love it here so much.
Redondo is around 11,000 feet elevation, and I would love to go hike to the summit. Unfortunately, the top several hundred feet are sacred Indian land, and access is restricted. So, we just enjoy the view.

We're into a pattern of morning sun, afternoon thunderstorms, but supposed to go back to regular early summer weather, so hopefully this afternoon I can get some painting done.