Thursday, April 17, 2008

Of Times and Seasons

I'm in a reflective mood. Maybe that's why I chose this subject in the first place. The old barn, weathered and decaying, tells a story of a changing way of life, of something lost that can never be recovered. On the other hand, the migrating geese speak of the turning of the seasons, symbolic perhaps of the continuity of life, hopeful and comforting. So, maybe a strange juxtaposition, but like I said, I'm in a reflective state of mind.
The painting actually is not finished. I have changed the configuration of the birds and made them more distant. This has the effect of making the old barn seem to loom larger and play a more important role in the composition. Does that mean I am leaning toward a more melancholy state? Maybe, or it could be I just dont want to paint those geese in any detail! Right now, my arm beneath the cast is itching like crazy and that's actually what is occupying my brain. I dont know if I'll last out this whole healing process!!