Friday, March 16, 2012

Working (real) small

  Staying Close, 4"x5" oil/canvas
 Searching for Strays, 4" x 5" oil/canvas
 Paint Filly, 1.5"x 3" oil/panel
Rounding Up  Strays' 
3"x 5"

Sadie's Calf
3"x5" oil/canvas

These are a few of the miniatures that I will submit to a miniature show down in Albuquerque next month.  Working this small requires a change of technique and painting style that I'm not real sure I like much, but the challenge of doing them was still fun, and I hope they'll get accepted to the show.   You can't appreciate how small these are unless you see them in "person", but here's a still-in-progress shot of the smallest one to give you an idea. yeah, that's a quarter there..
It would probably help if I had small brushes... but then, where's the challenge in that?