Friday, March 16, 2012

Working (real) small

  Staying Close, 4"x5" oil/canvas
 Searching for Strays, 4" x 5" oil/canvas
 Paint Filly, 1.5"x 3" oil/panel
Rounding Up  Strays' 
3"x 5"

Sadie's Calf
3"x5" oil/canvas

These are a few of the miniatures that I will submit to a miniature show down in Albuquerque next month.  Working this small requires a change of technique and painting style that I'm not real sure I like much, but the challenge of doing them was still fun, and I hope they'll get accepted to the show.   You can't appreciate how small these are unless you see them in "person", but here's a still-in-progress shot of the smallest one to give you an idea. yeah, that's a quarter there..
It would probably help if I had small brushes... but then, where's the challenge in that?


Judy P. said...

These look great, I would think they would be easily accepted into the show- I am so impressed with the distance you can achieve in those little scenes.
For goodness sakes, crack open the wallet and get some little brushes, like painting isn't hard enough! I've finally got some big brushes, so I can't noodle too much (well maybe not as much!)

Olga said...

Wow, these are awesome! Real!