Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Weather, Baby Chicks and a Painting

Ah, spring in the mountains.... We actually did have spring for a couple of days. I wonder where the butterflies go?  This is the day after Easter.  We had a little of this on Easter Sunday too, but it held off until after the sunrise service. That's our shed and chicken coop... and please notice the daffodils blooming.. I was so happy to actually get something to grow up here. Our growing season is less than 60 days.

And, the above photo is why the baby chicks are still inside the house, with their heat lamp.  That's why the photo is so red.  Pictured, counterclockwise from front, are , Thelma, Lousie,  Hermoine and Bernice. I forget what breed Hermoine is.. she's very petite and pretty. The others are New Hampshire Reds.  Not pictured are Lucy, Ethel, Carmella and Adrianna.  Carmella and Adrianna are a Sicilian breed, hence the Soprano angle. I just cleaned their cage last night. They are such poor housekeepers.

And lastly, here's a view of downtown Jemez Springs.  That huge cottonwood is just amazing, in all seasons. I call it "The Village Tree".  

On the left is a real, honest-to-goodness Cowboy Saloon. It is called  Los Ojos, which means "the eyes".. but I don't know where the name came from.  It is owned by a couple, friends of ours (I should ask them about the name, huh?) and the husband is a former Olympic Coach, and the wife is a former Olympic Gold Medalist in the marathon. Right here in little Jemez Springs. In the distance is Virgin Mesa.  ( I know, you're asking "how do they know?"),  Silly pants. The name comes from the fact that in certain times of day, shadows cast on the cliffs look like the Madonna and Child.  I have not seen it yet.
There's another story about things appearing in the cliff face.  Long ago, the Apaches, hired by the Spanish, had come to massacre the Jemez people. They made a stand on the top of San Diego mesa. When at last they were overrun by the Apaches,  rather than be captured or tortured and killed, they all jumped off the edge of the cliff.  Miraculously, the story goes, the image of San Diego appeared in the rock face, and they all landed on their feet and survived.  It is hundreds of feet.  Interestingly enough, I HAVE seen what looks like a saint praying in the rocks of the mesa.  

This painting is 8x10, oil on panel, and is available by clicking here


RunSueRun said...

Deb, you are just too funny with the chick names. Love The Sopranos angle - hahahaa!

See you soon!


Jo Castillo said...

Love this post and the painting. I love the cottonwood trees.

Deb said...

Thanks Sue. What's funny is that Bernice (who's by far the biggest one) and Carmella seem to be vying for "top chick". Bernice better watch out.......

Deb said...

Hi Jo, thanks for checking in.
Those cottonwoods in the fall are really something aren't they? Nice work on your website.. I like "The Great Divide" especially!

Karla said...

Love the yellow tree in this painting! Just discovered your blog. Don't know how I missed this one. Looking forward to reading more.