Thursday, May 5, 2011


Jasper at the Window

This little furry pal belongs to a good friend.  The photo is at her beautiful beach cottage on Chappaquiddick, off the coast of Massachusetts. She had been trying to get my hubby and me out there for a visit, but it just never worked out and now we are halfway across the country. So now she sends me photos to show me what I have been missing all this time. 
Jasper is a West Highland Terrier.  Believe m, he has personality, and besides being darn cute, he is completely "doggy" in all the best ways.    I like the little guy alot.  And had fun painting him (the result of not being able to sleep, so got up and decided to see what I could do with this photo.  About an hour and a half, maybe more.. I wasn't paying attention to time.
Took my slightly larger goofy doggies (now 80 pounds at one year, and 55 pounds, at 6 months) out for a hike and did a bit of plein air.  More on that tomorrow!!


Judy P. said...

This is a fine example of nice, loose painting suggesting lots of detail. You don't say the size of this, but really it doesn't matter; if this was done under 2 hours you couldn't have 'noodled' it! Maybe a demo showing your process, what you take more time on, then less, or how you approach a painting like this, sure would make a neat blog (hint, hint!)

Deb said...

It is 8x8... the same size as the mural panels in the big mosaic (I had one blank panel left!)
Maybe I can do the demo.. but I started with a transparent wash to get the drawing in, and the main lights and darks. I've always done that with still lifes, and now am starting to do it with landscapes too. Sort of like what Stape has been showing on his design series.