Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Friend David

 Dave Whitelock is maybe one of the kindest, warmest, nicest folks you're ever likely to meet.  Currently, he and his equally wonderful wife Rosi run an Inn in beautiful Lake City, CO.  
Here they are at the Inn,
and here's the view from the front porch.. Not bad, huh?

David and Rosi have had a major influence on my life.  When I was a young teenager, I went to a Christian summer camp down in  Texas called Camp Peniel. David and Rosi were directors of the camp, and they welcomed this awkward, shy (yes, shy!) tomboyish girl with open arms and open hearts.  They just loved all of us kids there.  They demonstrated what real faith means. There's nothing fake about the Whitelocks.  They are as real and down to earth as it gets. And they've dedicated their entire lives to loving folks in Jesus' name. In the last few years, they have opened the Inn at the Lake, and have a campfire, a cup of coffee, and some great stories always ready to share with anyone who comes to stay.  (Rosi is a very good cook, too, and the breakfasts are to die for).

As life happens, after high school and college, I gradually lost touch with Rosi and David, though I never forgot them. How I "found" them again involves my other pastime, running.

The "mother" of all the races that we attempt is the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run in Colorado.  Part of the Hardrock course goes right past Lake City, and  through a series of "coincidences" I learned that Rosi and David were now in Lake City. Imagine my delight when I was able to go pay them a visit while in Colorado preparing for the race.  Though 35 years had gone by, it was as if it had only been a week, only we were all old and gray now!  Since that time a few years ago, we have kept in touch and I cherish their friendship.

I snapped this photo of David when he stopped by for a visit recently.   Though I can't really do it justice, it is in a small way just to honor these two very special folks.

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