Friday, December 11, 2009

Call For Entries

For any artist in the region, well, actually anybody at all , here is a copy of the call to artists for the 9th annual Monadnock Arts Auction. This juried event has two parts. One is a silent auction
which goes on for about a week. Final bids are posted on noon Saturday, and then later that evening, the Live Auction begins - a gala, black tie affair with champagne and hors d'oeurves .
It is a great excuse to get dressed up in the middle of winter (for us New Hampshirites that means to throw the down jacket on over the ball length gown, and carry our strappy heels in while wearing the knee high snow boots). Really, it's a fun, upbeat event, and some fabulous art makes its way into the auction every year.
Artists are allowed to submit two entries. There is no cost to enter. The jury decides for which of the two auctions your piece will be selected - the silent or the live. I have always sold all my entries at this event. Even last year, when things were pretty bad all around. What you need to know when placing your prices is that bidding begins at 50% of the estimated value. There is always a chance in an auction that your painting can sell for minimum bid, so just be aware of that possibility. That did happen to me for the first time last year. These lower starting bids however, do encourage spirited bidding wars sometimes, so it is not unusual for paintings to sell above the estimated value. That has also happened to me.

Below is the actual entry information, and anybody is welcome to submit an entry. You do not have to live in the Monadnock region. We have buyers from out of state who come to this every year. Even some people from WAY out of state... and they are coming to buy art.
I think if you click on this image it will enlarge so you can read it better. And, I can email a pdf of the entry form to anyone who is interested.

Did I mention that yes, that is my painting on the card? I was honored to be selected as the poster artist for this year's event. Would love to see some of you out there send in an entry!


Judy P. said...

Your artwork is on the Auction announcement, and 4th Graders will be carrying your art around - you are busy! Having your work on a textbook cover seems like it is now a part of contemporary history;
many congrats!

billspaintingmn said...

Deb, I have a fondness for still life, and this one is beautiful!
I find your blog informative, and
very interesting.
Plus your painting skills are admirable!
If I ever get done shoveling this
snow, maybe I can paint something to enter.

Deb said...

thank you Judy. It would be cool to see the kids here in town carrying that around!

Deb said...

Hi Bill,
How much snow did you get from that storm? We got about a foot here. And it is pretty darn cold out too.
I've been reading your blog. Loved the Santa/cat photo. That will make wonderful Christmas cards!
The auction is a big event here, and worth trying. In this economy, who knows? But I keep trying.

Mary Bullock said...

Deb, I live over in Maine and would like to enter. What do artists do that are out of state? Can I mail the art to them and send enough to pay for return postage? Thanks and I love your work.

Deb said...

Mary, One year I was living in NM, and just shipped my painting. Probably best to call Becky at the Jaffrey Chamber and let her know that is what you are doing, so they can look for it. Let's hope there is no painting to ship back! Good luck!