Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Just Never Know

Gibbs Smith, Publisher (2009)
Gr. 4-5
ISBN: 978-1-4236-0019-0

This is the front cover of a new 4th Grade Social Studies textbook. That is my painting on the upper left.
I got a call one day totally out of the blue asking permission to use this painting as part of the cover image. That was a first! I'm not even sure now where the publisher found the image, but they liked it and contacted me to negotiate a contract for its use. I think they probably saw it on my blog or website doing some image search for Mt. Monadnock or something. (that is Mt. Monadnock from Rt. 12 in Fitzwilliam, NH) So the moral to this story is, You just never know!


Kerri Settle said...

Congratulations Deb! That's a gorgeous painting and I can see why they wanted it for their cover.

Deb said...

Thank you Kerri! What was really great was that the painting ( a very small miniature) was already sold. So it was like getting paid for it twice!

RunSueRun said...

Deb, very cool -- congrats!! Your painting looks like a photograph to me. :)