Monday, June 9, 2008

The Final Image

So, here's the finished product. Not much different from yesterday's.. just a few refinements. I reduced the size of the dark background horse just a tad, as he seemed slightly too large. I also added "dust", fogging out the legs and hooves to give the illusion of dust being kicked up by their galloping. I double checked the original colors,(yesterday's photo is darker than actual) and felt satisfied I had stayed within the correct tonal range. Go back and look at the original panel and see if you agree. I added a bit of ground to the right of the horses, and just added some minor details to the trees, and a few vague shadows from the trees along the rocky hillside.
I guess it's done! I titled it "The Wild Ones".

I am also committed to do a second panel, in which I hope to pay homage to a historical horse. Watch for that one coming soon!

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