Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Grief, it's been 8 months!

Our Cabin in New Mexico

I can't believe it has been this long since I posted.  Since last May, I've moved across the country,
had to buy a house on my own, move in  by myself, and then begin getting ready for winter, which involved
lots of firewood splitting and stacking because our log cabin doesn't have any heat source except a wood stove and a pellet stove.  And then came a serious car accident, and I'm  still dealing with 
the injuries from that .  So, I've just not had much time or ability to paint.    My wonderful hubby Steve had to stay with his job in New Hampshire, until just this week! WooHOO!!!! He finally got a job in Albuquerque, and he's right now, as I type,  driving across the country to finally join me!  Yay!!
After losing our much loved dog, Tucker, I was finally able to adopt a new pup.  Here he is, although he's not a puppy anymore!  Sweet little mutt, named Gibbs, at 8 and 1/2 months. Well, maybe not too little - I guess he's about lab size.  He's been a lot of company for me, and he has the habit of "grinning" when he greets anyone.   He curls his upper lip and "smiles".. of course, he looks like Cujo when he does it, but it makes us laugh.
This is a great area to paint.. so once I'm finally able to get out, there is sure plenty of inspiration!  And the terrain is based mostly on elevation.. up at our house, we're in the spruce and pines and aspen, where the elk roam.  Go a little lower, and the views change to steep canyons and  mesas and cottonwoods. Here's some shots in November when the cottonwoods were brilliant gold.

Of course, there's also these....
He was migrating.
We are near many fascinating historical and geological sites.  Here's some cliff dwellings a few miles down the road.   I could get here on foot, but then, I'm a long distance runner, and could get pretty much anywhere on foot if I had the time. This is called Bandelier National Monument. There is 140 vertical feet of ladders to reach the top.

And of course there is Taos, and Abiquiu , where Georgia O'Keefe lived and painted,and, Santa Fe, 2nd or 3rd (depending on who you ask) largest art market in the country!  I have not even had a chance to walk the galleries there yet.

I hope to get busy painting now.. though it will have to mostly studio work for the time being.  My studio
is a cramped basement room with no windows.. I do miss my big ol' barn attic with the beautiful north light window!    I was able to finish a couple of small works for the Monadnock Arts Auction 
Here's one of them. This is about 98% finished.. just a few small details to wrap up..

Ginger Jar and Rice Measure


Judy P. said...

What an ordeal you have been through- your new homesite looks stunning, and my family has climbed
those same ladders! Best wishes in your new abode.
Also it looks like you haven't lost your touch- beautiful painting with incredible light.

Deb said...

Hi Judy! How nice to hear from you.
And impressed that you climbed those ladders!

Patrick said...

Glad you are back Deb. Hope you are recovering with no issues. Anke and I are looking forward to the summer and our trip out to see you guys. Keep posting as i love to see what you are working on.

Frank P. Ordaz said...

Glad to see you are posting again. Love the painting... So masterful ... I also climbed those same ladders. Hope you and your hubby create new memories along with your new dog.

billspaintingmn said...

Wow Deb! I've been checking in from time to time, hoping you will post... and you have! :)
Your painting is a joy to see! Your
quite the serious artist when I see this!
Happy to hear things are coming together, life changes take some getting used to, I know.
All my best!

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Deb, the second photo down, Is that Mesa Guadalupe, just out side of the Jemez Pueblo? I did some surface archeology atop M G a bunch of years ago. I love your work, so wonderfult to see and read about.
happy painterly trails, pooches and all.
Emily Trail Pixie Trespas

Deb said...

Yes, you are exactly right! We were across the highway from Gilman and the mesa. The following weekend, we went hiking along Guadalupe box, through the tunnels by the gorge.

There are some petroglyphs back in there along a particular cliff face. It requires crossing the river, and bushwacking up the slope. We will do it sometime after winter. Nobody wanted to cross the river when it was 20 degrees!