Friday, January 28, 2011

Free Online Art Instruction

Would you like to go from this:

To this:

Hey gang,
Just wanted to post that there is a really good opportunity to get some first rate
art instruction, online, FREE at  Starting tomorrow, Jan. 29, is
a 12 weekend webinar, taught by Johannes Vloothuis. The main thrust of this
class will be how to take photos and re-design, compose,  and crop and use them as a basis
for making a beautiful painting. Along with this will be excellent
teaching on the basic of landscape painting, some demos, and teacher/student interaction.
Looking at the example above, you can see some of the changes that Johannes made -but wouldn't it be great to understand the "why" behind those changes?  What a difference this re-designing makes!

I'm excited by this opportunity, because, due to
my injury from the car accident, and still not having a carto go anywhere, doing outside plein air
work is not very practical for me right now.  Being forced to work from photos is hard for me... I sometimes still get stuck in literal translation of what's in the photograph, instead of viewing them with a more critical eye for design elements. So I'm looking forward to this.  I'm copying below the original invitation.
If you can't make every class (I can't) they will be available for download for about $10.... probably about 8 hours of instruction.. that's a bargain.

Wetcanvas Live! With Johannes Vloothuis - Live art web classes

Starting Saturday, January 29, 2011 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST until April 17

              Webinar Registration                     

F&W Media, the publishing company that brought you, "The Artist's Magazine"  as well as other related art magazines and many art books in the market is inviting you to take a free live and interactive web art  course on weekends. Johannes Vloothuis, an award winning professional artist, will host a series of web classes,

"How to Use Photos to Create Stunning Landscape Paintings".

This course will provide all the necessary tools to avoid the common traps and mistakes most artists fall into when using photos. You will learn to use photos as support for ideas and inspiration for your paintings, yet release yourselves from being enslaved by them. The vital concepts of applying principles of composition, mass planning, shape design, and creating pictorial symbols that represent landscape objects in a pleasing way will be discussed. This workshop will cure bad habits developed over the years. These classes will include live webcam demos. All mediums and all levels are welcome, even if you are a beginner.
To see Johannes' artwork:

Register now! It is free! Just click on the link below. All you need to provide is your name and email address.

In case you cannot attend a class. Each weekend seminar(Saturday and Sunday together) will be recorded and you will be able to download it for $9.99.  The live classes are free!

You do not need any hardware except a computer and hear sound from it.

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Judy P. said...

Evening Deb- thanks for the heads-up about the webinar. I saw the first one today and it was much better than I thought it would be. It'll be tough to catch all of them. Two hours a day Sat. and Sun.! But I'll try.
I didn't realize you were still in major healing mode- my best wishes to you!