Friday, November 7, 2008

Four Views, Four Seasons

Here are three more miniatures for the Sharon Arts (Peterborough, NH) mini exhibit coming up in a couple of weeks. These are all 5x5's, and there is one more coming, but ran out of panels and will pick up some more of those today!
The series is "Four Views, Four Seasons", and it's just different views of Mt. Monadnock in each of the seasons. As you can see here, there is winter(from the west), summer (from the south)
fall (from the east). The only northern views I have in my photo file are summer or winter, so Spring will also be an eastern view, or slightly southeast maybe. I've enjoyed doing these little sketches, and the Ampersand gessobord panels are a breeze to paint on. Their slick texture allows for interesting detail to be suggested in the first thin oil washes as I block everything in. Note especially in the winter view the brushwork in the pine trees.. that is all done in the first transparent wash, and is a great way to suggest the pine branches without having to paint each and every one. I'm all for doing something the first time if possible, and not having to go back in and re-paint areas! enjoy!

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