Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Workshops and other fun stuff

This past weekend I attended a painting workshop in Vermont with a fabulous painter and wonderful instructor. His name is Hagop "Jack" Keledjian, (see his website here) and I think it might just have been the most productive (but not the easiest!) workshop I've ever attended. We had a great group of folks, most of whom have been studying with Jack for a couple of years. I was the newbie, but they welcomed me warmly and we had a great time.
First day was portraits. Yikes!! I have done 3, count them, quick oil sketches of people in my life, from the drawing class I attended earlier this year, but this was the first official portrait I've ever attempted, and it was very hard - but I loved it!! I want more, more, more!
Our sitter didn't come, and so a husband of one of the gals kindly agreed to sit for us. He had a wonderful face, with very expressive eyes, and he patiently sat all day while we painted. I'm not showing my feeble attempt here, but you can bet I'm going to try this again. Jack finished the portrait and it was just wonderful.
Second day was still life, and that was hard too! I tried to learn a better method of painting, more expressive brush strokes and use of light.. so it seemed slow and laborious to me, and I did not finish the piece, but Jack was very encouraging and I did learn some things to take home and practice.
Second thing, the painting here is a scene from New Mexico, where we used to live. It will be the poster image for the Jemez Mountain Trail Runs, and will be auctioned off to raise money for the race too. I am happy to donate it, and honored to be asked to do the work. Though nobody offered to fly me out to work on location. Dang! It's titled "Morning in the Jemez" and shows Mt. Chicoma (11k) as seen from Caballo Mtn. (10K), near Los Alamos, NM. Boy, do I miss it out there!

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