Friday, February 8, 2008

Feb. 8, 2008

Here is tea in my mom's old Royal Doulton china.
I remember when she got it. I was about 5 or 6, and that makes this china about, well, lets say its OLD. Anyway she and my dad took a trip to England, and she bought this china while in London.
When they returned after a weeks' absence, my twin brother and I were watching "Wizard of Oz" on TV, and we hardly noticed they were back. That was when the whole movie was in black and white, because we didn't have a color TV yet. In fact, we had only had a TV for about a year then.
Yes, I am dating myself!
Mom always commented that she regretted not getting a more colorful pattern, instead of this simple white with gold band. But I like it. And when I was done painting, I had a nice cuppa, as they say across the pond. As a tip of the hat to our British friends, the tea is "British Blend".

Painting anything white requires one to start with a "dark white". I used a mix of red iron oxide and prussian blue with white to form the "base" color here, but that would vary depending on what was around the white object, particularly if it's something reflective or shiny like this china.
Green surroundings would cause the white to take on a greenish cast, blue background, a bluish cast, etc. etc.
This "dark white" becomes the local color of the white object in its surroundings, so that needed highlights can show up. Reflected light is colored by whatever it is bouncing off of. Notice the underside of the saucer picking up the blue of the tablecloth, as well as portions of the cup itself.
There is a highlight on the cup, but my bad photography doesn't really show it much.

So, thanks, Mom, for the nice set of dishes. I think of you every time I get them out.

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