Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Chaperone

I don't know why, but pears just seem to have personalities. As I was painting this set up today, it struck me that the the red pear and the grapes were eyeing each other, like they're trying to hold hands behind the scene. That green pear, stuck glumly in the middle ( almost has an eye roll going on, can you see it?) is rather impatiently fulfilling the role of chaperone.
Or maybe I'm just still sleep deprived from our long weekend of running and driving through the ice storm.
For this set up, I tried to be more purposeful about each and every brush stroke. I'm not a patient person, and tend to rush in and lay down alot of paint, and usually end up re-working many areas in the painting because I haven't taken the time to really consider what's needed.
So, trying to mend my ways in that regard. It was partially successful = I'll keep working on it!

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