Monday, February 4, 2008

Feb. 4, 2008

Today's painting was inspired by our weekend in Virginia in the George Washington National Forest. As we topped out on a ridge, there was this small clearing and the afternoon sun left a patch of brightness on the snow. We had many miles to go yet, so I had to make do with my memory and a photograph and paint once I got back home.


runjoey said...

Hi Deb, you're paintings just get better all the time. I'm sharing your website with my friends so they can enjoy also. Hope to see you and Steve on the trails this Spring or Summer

running etc said...

Yours is an awesome talent, Deb Pero.

Sorry I couldn't come out and play with you guys when you were in the 'hood this past weekend.

Hopefully, we'll get to share some dirt again some day soon.

Bill Gentry