Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Little Celebration of Color

16x20 oil/linen

Here's the latest off the easel... 
For a change, I wanted to do a very light background (in this case, all white) and have lots of vibrant color.
Usually, I go for dark backgrounds, and rather muted tones.. this one looks like Carmen Miranda exploded - but it was really a treat to just enjoy all the rich colors of the fruit and flowers. I love the color orange -just love it!!  One of these days, I will do a painting all about orange. It was also fun to get the different textures of the fruit, from the smooth s hiny apples, to the pebbly orange and lemons, and the fuzzy peaches.
I have to admit, the peaches were not quite so pretty in real life.. it is not peach season, and our local grocer only had a few, and they were rather "sad".   I had to use artistic license -and made them a bit more presentable....
Did not want to get into painting folds and creases  of the white cloth, so I settled for some very subtle
indications of wrinkles..  
Doing a very light background requires a different approach.. you can't throw things into shadow as you can with a dark background. There is none of the mystery, and edges become super important as they are presented against the high key backdrop.... A learning experience for sure, and hopefully a successful one.


Jo Castillo said...

This is super gorgeous. Your explanations are always so clear.


Beautiful work - the fruit looks sooooooo REAL!!! Great composition and color and depth.
By JOVE I think you've got it all!!