Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Gallery, New Work

Jemez Fine Art  Gallery

I'm pleased to announce I've been invited to join Jemez Fine Art Gallery , located in our little village of Jemez Springs.  Even better, they are asking for Southwestern cowboy and horse images.  I am almost giddy, because I LOVE painting that kind of thing, but, as you can imagine, there's just not much call for it in New England.  So, now I have a good excuse to paint cowboys! Yippee!!!
I won't actually take work over to the gallery for another week or so while I finish up some things, and I'm not listed on their webpage yet as a member artist.  I think it'll be a good fit, and I'll be working with some fine artists and nice folks.

Here's a couple of small "southwestern cowboy and horse images" that I've completed recently.
 Adjusting Stirrups 5x7, Sold

 Checkin' on the Herd, 9x12

Above Jemez Springs, 5x7

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