Monday, August 22, 2011

July FASO Contest

Summer Fruits

I'm honored to announce that the painting above, Summer Fruits, was a finalist in the Fine Art Studio Online contest for July.   It also received the FAV15% nod.   There are usually about 800-900 entries from all over the place, so it's very gratifying to be included in the finalists.
You can see the complete list of winners here

I've been making the rounds of some of the grandkids and having a wonderful time.  I have a brand new baby grandson, David, and he is sure a cutie. No photos till I get home and can download them to the desktop.
David makes #7 grandchild, and #8 is on the way.  I was able to visit with a few friends in New Hampshire last week while I was there with the two oldest granddaughters - not nearly enough time. It sure felt like home there, and I do miss it, and my friends, terribly.
A couple of more days here in Texas and I'll be headed home to New Mexico, and hopefully will get busy painting again.  


Judy P. said...

Congrats Deb, it's a beautiful painting deserving of the attention.
I didn't know you were a grandmother, and soon of 8! You really are an ultra-marathon grandma!

Jo Castillo said...

This is beautiful and deserving of an award. Congratulations!

I see now why you haven't been on wc lately. Hope you had a great trip. It has been nice here in Angel Fire.

The fire was amazing. So glad you stayed safe. You have a nice project going. It was still really smoking when we got here July 15.