Sunday, April 3, 2011



This is Friday's portrait model, a very nice young man named Austin. I think I had a soft spot towards him because he reminds me of my youngest son.  There were just four of us, and everybody seemed to be on the other side of  the room, I'm not sure why!
Unfortunately, this portrait group is going to go away unless someone steps up to organize it , as the current organizer is moving to Virginia..   I might do it, but not sure I need something else on my plate. 
This young man was maybe just a tad uncomfortable with modeling.. it was his first time to sit for us.  It's hard to hold a smile, as you can imagine, so most of the time models tend to look very serious. He was concentrating so hard on holding his pose and not moving, and I think that effort shows in his face.  I liked this kid, though.   


Shirley Fachilla said...

A very nice portrait. Painting from life is almost always a challenge I think. Hope your group doesn't go away.

Deb said...

Thanks Shirley!!