Thursday, March 31, 2011

Partly Cloudy

Now, this is probably more what folks think of when they  think "New Mexico".  This painting is from a photo of a place called "Ghost Ranch". We;ve hiked there on several occasions and it is a really great place to paint. I can't remember why it is named Ghost Ranch., but it is a place where Georgia O'Keefe
painted many, many times.  That flat topped mesa way in the distance is Pedernal, and Georgia included it
in quite a few of her paintings.  Now, the  Ghost Ranch is a church (I think Lutheran, but might be mistaken) retreat center, but they do allow the public to come and hike.
Of course, terrain is all based on altitude. Yesterday's post was from probably around 9500 feet elevation. This scene is more like 6500 feet... so you get high desert, with mesas, cliffs, junipers and sage.  For me, any excuse to add horses or cowboys will do. They just seemed to fit here.

And that cloudy sky?  Not so usual here in the Land of Enchantment. So I thought it was worth noting in the title.

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Judy P. said...

Your last couple of paintings are just beautiful; you would need to squeeze out different paints here in the Twin Cities, MN: just greys and browns, no fun pinks, only dreary colors.