Thursday, March 17, 2011


 Armand Cabrera
 Don Hatfield
 Frank Ordaz
 Marc Hanson
 Mick McGinty
Sally Tharp

I am wired! And psyched! And super pleased to be a part of a group exhibit entitled "Wired", opening next month in Rocklin, CA, not far from Auburn.  The works above are samples of several of the artists in this show. This unique and special group of painters were "herded" (to use his words!) by Frank Ordaz, the driving force behind this exhibit.  The title of the show comes from the fact that all of this group has made connections, somehow, using the electronic media, primarily blogs.   Frank's brilliant idea was to bring together in a physical exhibit, the works of these artists.  
This is a terrific honor. Some of these guys are like painting gods to me... they are my heroes - for their work, and for their character and faith. It is pretty overwhelming for me to be a part of this group, and you can bet I'm working  hard to get my best effort out there.  And now you know why I was so freaked out about being in a slump!!
Here's the list of artists and the dates and times of the show. Any of you out there in California, check it out!

Stephen Magsig
Chris Hopkins
Denny Holland
Mick McGinty
Sally Tharp
Debra Per
Rob Carey Armand Cabrerra
Marc Hanson
Don Hatfield Janice Skivington Thomas Fluharty Terry Miura
Michael Dudash
Frank Ordaz
The show runs from April 15 through May 12 at
William Jessup University Library
333 Sunset Blvd.
Rocklin, CA 95765
Opening reception is April 15, 5:30-7:00pm


Judy P. said...

You are keeping good company, and it is well deserved!

billspaintingmn said...

Congratulations Deb! Go get 'em!:)