Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Southwest Art Magazine

Here is a full page color ad that will appear in Southwest Art magazine. I believe it will be the April edition.
I was very pleased and honored that the printing company asked to use the image of one of my paintings in their ad.
The way this came about was that the image above was selected for the poster image for a series of trail races  outside of Los Alamos, NM.  The poster is used for publicity, fundraising, and also each finisher of the event is given a print.   Starline Printing down in Albuquerque, NM did the posters, which came out looking great.
When they decided to run their ad, they wanted both a color and black and white fine art image to include in their ad, and here is the result. The drawing is by artist Dino Cornay - I think it's absolutely fabulous.  You can click on the poster image for an enlarged view.  Wow!   My painting represents an "overlook" on a ridge about 9000 ft. elevation, above Los Alamos. The Pajarito ski area is the far distant hill,  and some of the race course runs along this ridge through the trees, around the back side of that ski hill, and then down back into town.  It's a 50 mile race, so it does cover quite a bit of territory.
My husband and I are going to be the "grim sweepers" for the race.  A "sweep" is someone who goes behind and follows the last runner, making sure that nobody is left out on the course.Nobody wants to see the sweep, as that means you are dead last in the race.(that's why we say "grim") Sweeps will often carry some energy gels or salt tabs to help runners who might need a little assistance out there too. We'll also be pulling the ribbons and course markers as we go. This is a fun way to do the run at a relatively relaxed pace and get some good training in.  I thought Steve should dress in a grim reaper costume just for fun. Not sure if I have convinced him of that yet.
Well, anyway, it's pretty cool to have a painting in Southwest Art.


Judy P. said...

Really cool to be in Southwest Art Magazine -what a perfect thing to write about, right after a post about being in a slump.
A day can make such a difference, isn't that something? Congrats!

Bozobreath Gewurtzerberger said...

Congratulations my ultra talented friend. Really awesome! :)

Looking forward to seeing you two at Jemez but hopefully not in grim sweeper mode.

Deb said...

Thanks Judy... yes, what a difference a day makes. And, even better, I'm having a pretty good painting day today... :-)

Bozobreath - trying to figure out which of my insane ultra friends you are... ha! see you in May!!