Monday, March 2, 2009

Upcoming Still Life Classes

 “Adding Drama to Your Still Life”    

Oil Painting Classes

Beginner to Intermediate

Jaffrey Civic Center

Thursdays, Mar. 19- Apr. 23   

9am- Noon

6 week session: $150

Week by week: $35/class.

Call 532-6527 to register

If you're tired of "blah" still lifes, then you may enjoy joining me for a class specifically designed
to bring some "drama" to your paintings! This fun-filled class will cover the basics of how to arrange your still life, determining the focal point, blocking in the main shapes, and painting the arrangement so that viewers see what you want them to see!
These classes will be offered at the Jaffrey Civic Center,  40  Main St. Jaffrey, NH 
You can sign up for the whole six weeks, or, just come week by week as it fits your schedule.
I want these classes to be fun, informational, and above all, valuable learning experiences!
Below is a full description of the class, and our weekly schedule.

Eye Openers 

Each class will start with a fun and fast “eye opener painting” – a quick sketch to help wake up our observational skills and get our creative juices flowing.  Get ready to look hard and paint fast!

Learning Points

In addition to our eye opener, we will have a specific topic of study each day.  I’ll talk briefly about a learning point related to still life painting.

Painting Demos

You’ll get right to work on your own painting, and at some point, I’ll offer a short demo for those who are interested.   



The last class will end with individual critiques of the work you’ve done, and you may also bring in work from home to discuss.


Class Schedule:

Class 1

Eye Opener

Learning Point: What’s the Big Idea Anyway? Concept.

Demo: Getting Started. Blocking in the Shapes.

Class 2

Eye Opener

Learning Point.  Going With the Flow. Keeping a Unified Light Source

Demo: The Anatomy of a Shadow


Class 3

Eye Opener

Learning Point:  On the Level. Remembering perspective.

Demo:  Painting grapes vs. painting apples.


Class 4

Eye Opener

Learning Point: Take a Hike: Creating a journey into your painting.

Demo:  Painting glass


Class 5

Eye Opener

Learning Point. When Losing It is a Good Thing: Edge quality

Demo:   Painting metal.


Class 6

Eye Opener

Learning Point: When It’s Just Not Working. How to troubleshoot your painting.


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