Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Morning Mist

This little minature, 4x6, is set to go to the Cape Cod Art Association's "Off the Wall" fundraiser.  It was while attending a workshop at CCAA that a friend and I first heard of the concept of "Off the Wall", and we brought the idea here to our community.
We ended up with a fantastic, successful evening, raising $10,000 for the Jaffrey Civic Center's elevator fund (to make the building truly handicapped accessible).  So, in gratitude for such a great idea, I'm donating a couple of paintings to CCAA's Off the Wall this year.
What is Off the Wall?  It is a unique art sale.  All  paintings (each 4x6) are sold right "off the wall" for the incredible price of $60.
None of the paintings are signed on the front, so buyers will not know whose masterpiece they are buying until after purchase. This adds a bit of mystery and fun, and also allows the art to
stand on its own, without an artist's name to influence the purchase.  There are well known artists participating, whose works sell for many times more than $60, so it's a great opportunity for buyers and fun for all. This year's event is at the Cape Cod Art Association, in Barnstable, MA, March 13-16.
This photo is a bit fuzzy, and I'm too lazy to try to take any more photos tonight! 

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