Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last night was the annual Monadnock Arts Auction, a gala event hosted by the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce and one of their largest fundraisers of the year. In this economy, there was concern about the success of such an event, and even talk of not having it at all.
In the end, the Chamber continued the tradition and everyone gathered last night at the auction hall for champagne, beer, and wine and wonderful gourmet goodies!   After schmoozing for an hour by the food tables, the auction itself began, led by veteran auctioneer Charlie Cobb.   
Bidding was very reserved.  Many paintings did not get bids at all, or sold for only the starting bid, which is half the estimated value.  It seemed that any work with a starting bid of more than about $900 got no responses.With rare exception, folks were only buying small works, in the $200-$500 range.
So, when my painting (above) was up, I figured I'd be taking it home. It did sell, however, to a lovely gal who lives here in town, for the minimum bid. No complaints from me.  There were many really fine works of art that did not get even one bid.  Not a comment on the art, just the reality of this current economy.  
We all enjoyed the evening, some money was raised for the Chamber's many programs throughout the year, we got a chance to dress up and socialize, so I consider it a success.

There is also a silent auction during the week at the Jaffrey Civic Center and many smaller paintings were sold there as well. I had one small one in that venue which sold for slightly above the minimum bid.  I tried to get a couple of bargains myself there, but was outbid.  Such is the nature of auctions!

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