Thursday, September 4, 2008

Painting Silver Objects

Here are two paintings, both of the same silver carafe. I simplified it a bit for the painting with the blue bowl. Painting silver gives me fits sometimes. It absorbs so much of the background color that sometimes it almost doesn't have a color of its own. Under the right lighting conditions, it can virtually disappear except for reflections. I am fortunate to have studied under the very gracious and knowledgable tutelage of Leah Lopez. You can see Leah's fabulous work on her website She reminded me recently (after I complained about painting silver) that it is usually best to paint silver either as a dark against a lighter background, or as a light against a darker background. So here I have done that. I modified the painting with the pears from a previous version to incorporate this idea.. it shows the carafe as a light against dark, and the second painting shows it as a dark against a light. Which do you like better?

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