Sunday, August 10, 2008

Catching up and hanging on

Where have I been lately? Since Hardrock,
we've come home to New Hampshire, I had two wonderful fun weeks with two of my grandchildren, and have gotten back in the studio to start painting away again.
I've actually finished quite a number of small "daily painting" size oils, but I haven't posted them here because they are part of a fundraiser for our Civic Center. Part of the uniqueness of this fundraiser, called "Off the Wall" is that paintings are signed only on the BACK, so buyers do not know whose work they are purchasing until after they buy it. So, just to keep the secrecy going, I'm not showing any of them here.
Another thing we're doing, besides trying to get some work done on the house, is to prepare for a wild and crazy 50K in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We drove up yesterday to try to check out a few sections of the route. Here I am on a rather steep descent. There is a very small ledge at the bottom, another very sheer drop, and another ladder. Unfortunately, we had to turn around here because we had our dog with us, and though he had managed the top two ladders with some help from us, these were impossible. This whole course is pretty incredible.
This week is the annual "Paint Out" for our local art association. Quite a few local farms and inns have opened their properties for artists to come and paint. Should be great, if only it would stop raining. Fat chance of that, evidently, as it has rained nearly every day since mid July. Torrential downpours today, more of the same predicted tomorrow.

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