Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring on the Wapack

Spring really is coming. I've seen turtles, snakes sunning themselves, and today, we heard the peeper frogs for the first time this year! This view is on Temple mountain, looking over to Pack Monadnock on the Wapack trail. Snow here is melting fast. In fact, I had to add a little snow in the painting to get it like i wanted.
Next weekend, we're doing a run the full length of this trail, in preparation for a double on it in a race the following week. It's a tough trail, with a little bit of everything. Where I am standing in this view is part of an old ski area. The land has been purchased by a conservation group, the ski equipment removed, and the integrity of the trail will be maintained. That's a great thing!

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ultrastevep said...

Nice painting, Deb :-)