Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Goodbye Larry!

The long arm cast came off yesterday! Here is a photo of "Larry", face drawn by Tatiana, my granddaughter. The only fun thing about Larry was that he glows in the dark. That was entertaining (for about 5 minutes). I was extremely happy to get rid of Larry, but not so happy to find out that another smaller cast ("Shorty") is taking his place. And that I still wont be able to drive for another two weeks at least. And that after this new cast will be a removable splint, and lots and lots of PT. Right now, after being in the cast for 4 weeks, my arm will not straighten out and the muscles have already atrophied quite a bit. eeeuuu.. it looked like somebody else's arm! Going to be hard work ahead to return to some semblance of normal.
But, one step at a time I guess. Goodbye Larry and good riddance!

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