Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A great read!

I'd like to recommend a wonderful painting book I just received. I read it cover to cover because the images were so beautiful and the text so engaging I couldn't put it down. For both the art student and the collector, or anyone who just enjoys beautiful images, this is a great read. Michael Chesley Johnson, the author, is a painter who lives in the Canadian Maritimes on Campobello Island, a beautiful spot where long ago president Roosevelt maintained a residence. Michael has captured the island through all four seasons, and along with the paintings and his meditations and thoughts are some interesting historical facts about the area. You can visit Michael's website with more information on this book, another upcoming book, and many of his beautiful paintings at: http://www.michaelchesleyjohnson.com/
Check it out!

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Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA, PSNM said...

Hey, Deb! Thanks so much for the great review!