Saturday, January 26, 2013

First painting in quite awhile

Still Life With Nest II
15x30 oil on linen panel

Well, I dove right back in to painting after about a 7 month hiatus.  The impetus was a juried show here in New Mexico. I did very well at this same show last year, and so I felt it was a good investment of time to
enter again, and hope for the best.  
Unfortunately, I mis-read the application information, and ended up with only 3 days to do a painting, and I had to drive 2 hours to hand deliver the entry form in order to get it there in time!

I've painted many of these same elements before.  And, because I had such little time, it seemed like a good idea to paint something relatively straightforward and simple.  


Judy P. said...

Hey welcome back, the painting is lovely! Back in the saddle again, but you sure don't look rusty.
I'm been meaning to write, just to say hi, but also to get some advice on a plein air I re-worked, but still isn't working. I will probably do that soon. Many happy returns.

Deb P said...

Hi judy, thanks..terible photo, but our camera died so only have a small digital.. Ive been watching all your beautiful paintings on your blog!