Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When the Snow Flies and Flowers Don't Bloom.....

Mushroom Soup

Well, it has been an interesting couple of  days.  Monday, I spent all day steam cleaning carpets.  Our downstairs carpet is old, ugly and it's where the dogs hang out, so even though we plan on ripping it out maybe later this fall, for now, it just needed a good cleaning.   And our neighbor kindly lent us his carpet steamer, so I needed to get it done so I could return his machine.  No painting on Monday.

Maybe this wasn't the best timing.  We've had more snow (yes, more!!!) and so now there are muddy pawprints coming and going out the doggy door on that freshly cleaned carpet! Oh well!

Tuesday I went into town for a couple of errands, one of which was to get some flowers for a still life I had in mind to paint. I knew the weather was supposed to be iffy and it wouldn't be a good plein air day. (light snow wouldn't necessarily deter me from painting outside, but the 40mph wind gusts would). Wouldn't you know it, the only florist in town has just changed hands, and the new owner had almost no flowers at all... The only lilies (what I was looking for) were small and not open in the least. The florist assured me that if I put them in warm water, they would be open by the afternoon.  That was yesterday.  They are still not open.  
The errands took all day, and since the flowers were still not blooming and the wind was gusting something fierce, I spent the time arranging some things in the studio.  So, No painting on Tuesday either., we have snow again. And sleet. and it's darn cold..... since I couldn't paint outside, and I couldn't paint the flowers, I grubbed around for SOMEthing.  The Daily Paintworks challenge this week is to paint vegetables.  I didn't really even have any pretty veggies hanging around, but I finally spied these mushrooms, and decided that maybe I would paint some of the ingredients for one of my favorites, mushroom soup!   
Weather is supposed to be nicer tomorrow and a good day for plein air.... and those darn lilies will probably decide to open up.    
The painting is 8x10 and you can go here to purchase and see other available paintings.  I also hope to get maybe a better photo of it when the light is better...


Judy P. said...

This looks great Deb! Blogger sure goofed up our schedules; I finally got to post, and in there is a description of ideas I picked up looking at your painting Jasper. Hope you think it's OK, let me know if you want something changed.

Jo Castillo said...

Great painting! Can't believe the weather. We were having 100 degrees here in central Texas when snowing there. Wow. It was nice the last three days we finally got an inch of rain. First since October. We are 6 inches behind this year. Today is 90 again.