Friday, April 15, 2011

Well I hope you're comfortable.....

My dog, Gibbs. Have you ever known an 80 pound dog to sleep like this?
What a goofball!
I mean, really??

I've been working all day on STUFF... have to finish one painting for a demo that I am trying to document and put together by tomorrow afternoon.  Yikes. I only started it today.  

So I am tired, and going to get an early start tomorrow.

A bobcat that the dogs treed while on a run the other day. He was almost as big as our 5 month old German Shepherd!

At least she sleeps like a normal dog.
( they are practicing for the Olympic synchronized sleeping competition)


Judy P. said...

Ha- how do you manage to not step on them accidentally? I can just imagine walking, balancing a large, wet painting, and then -zing!

Deb said...

Between those guys and the cats.. it's a challenge!!