Tuesday, February 9, 2010

News and another Auction

This painting, "Four Apples" made it into the jury's top 15% in the Fine Art Studio Online Art Competition.
This selection is sort of the "semi-finalist" group from which the overall winners are selected.  That comes out to about 80 paintings out of 700 entries, so I'm pleased that it was given this nod.  And even better, the painting sold nicely last weekend at the Monadnock Arts Auction.

I also wanted to let any folks in the New England area know about another good opportunity - the Stonewall Farm Art Auction in May.  I've copied the Call to Artists below.   It's a juried event, with awards and some cash prizes, and they seem to do pretty well in terms of sales. But the jury is tough, so put your best stuff
out there.  I think if you click on this image below, you'll a larger version easier to read. 


Frank P. Ordaz said...

Deb... I'm really admiring your quality of light and attention to form and texture.

You SURE you've been painting only a short time? i mean .... wow.

ps. I like your new entry .

I'll add you on my blog list and mention you next post as a must see!

Deb said...

Thanks very much Frank! Coming from someone of your stature, that means alot! And especially thanks for the link on your blog - wonderful!!

And happy anniversary too!

Judy P. said...

The top 15% is always chocked full of great art, and yours fits in well! Also I appreciate you mentioning the art happenings in your area, it expands our familiarity- opportunities for the future, perhaps.

Kathleen Weber said...

Lovely work! Knowing what your painting is about really is important. I can't believe that jug is actually red- don't know if I would have had the self discipline to paint it dark like you did.