Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One More!

Just thought I'd post one more mini. This one is about 3x4, and it titled "Going in for the Night". I did several winter scenes for this show, and most of them are the moody, gray winter days that we all endure so much of the time in New Hampshire. However, this one is sunny because the shadows are what really creates the design in this one.
One of the hardest things about doing these tiny little works is finding a place to sign them. That seems hard even on a regular sized painting. When space is already very limited, it requires some forethought and sensitivity to colors to sign it.

Hope you can come stop by the gallery if you are in the area - I believe the show will be hung next week on Monday. What doesn't go into this show, will go into our group art show the first week of December.... Stay tuned!

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