Thursday, October 29, 2009

Youtube and You

I wanted to write just a short post tonight about a great resource that some of you
might not know about. I'm sure the vast majority of you are familiar with youtube. contains videos of every possible subject matter, but of interest to us is
the wide selection of painting videos. There are tutorials and demonstrations of just about
every facet of painting. There are portrait painting and figure painting demos.
Still life techniques, and lessons. Landscape and plein air tutorials. You name it, youtube has it.

I've included just a sample here. I regularly visit youtube and check out the oil painting videos.
You can reach some good ones by any simple search. Go to, and type in any of the following:
oil painting lesson
oil painting demonstration
oil painting techniques
oil painting still life
oil painting portrait
oil painting landscape
Lilliedahl videos

That last one I've included because some of the best full-length oil painting tutorials are produced by Lilliedahl. Their videos are high quality, and the artists presenting the demos and lessons are masters of their craft. Most of the Lilliedahl youtube videos are short "teasers"... excerpts from the full length videos - to inspire you to purchase the real thing. But there's plenty of good instruction, and inspiration to be had by watching them.

You'll find some not-so-great ones also, but even those can be instructive in their own way.
Some artists that you could also search for by name are:
Jeffrey Watts
Gregg Kreutz
Robert A. Johnson
David Leffel
Richard Schmid

But just browse through and check them out! Youtube is a great thing!

Here's one sample:

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