Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fitzwilliam's View

This view of Mt. Monadnock can be seen from Rt. 12 in Fitzwilliam, NH. There are extensive wetlands, where Scott Brook drainage comes through.
It was really cold both days I went out to the location - the water had frozen around the edges - but the sky was clear and the afternoon light was great. That stump in the foreground was actually further over to the right, out of the picture where I was standing, but it had such a nice shape, I moved it into this view for balance.
I watched the late shadows creep along and begin to cover the wetlands. I don't think they reached quite as far as I've depicted them, but it made a better statement I think to have the foreground all in shadow, putting emphasis on the wonderful warm colors of the swamp grasses and red berry bushes in the late day light.

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