Monday, October 20, 2008

weekend workshop

This weekend, I was happy to be able to lead a landscape workshop. The focus of the two days was to concentrate on how to get a "good start" on a painting by understanding some basic value relationships, and then using a 5 step approach to actually getting the major elements down on the canvas. Pictured here are some of the work from participants in the workshop, and I was very pleased with the great results these guys got. It is never easy to "do things differently" and they all tried very hard to follow the plan and "do it right". I think their works turned out really fine, especially since we had to work from photos due to our time and weather constraints.
It was really great fun spending a couple of days with these folks, most of whom are good friends already. I hope it was as valuable for them as it was for me, because as you know, the teacher always gains the most from the instruction.
We'll be doing another short workshop probably after the holidays and that one will likely focus on still life painting, with an emphasis on dramatic light effects and attention (again) to value relationships. What fun!

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