Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Off the Wall a huge success!!!

Well, it's all over now, and I can tell you....
It was great! Folks turned out in record numbers, and enthusiastic buyers couldn't wait to be allowed upstairs to the gallery. Within the first 45 minutes, more than half of the 337 images were already sold. Everyone seemed to have a great time, and there were huge smiles as folks walked out with many little gems, and the best part is that the Civic Center raised close to $10,000 for operating funds! I have to fire my buyer though (husband Steve) as he was unable to grab ANY of the paintings I hoped to purchase - they were already gone by the time he reached them!!! But it was all good.
Three of the images in this photo are mine ( I can own them now that the event is over!) I was sort of sad to see the painting of the little children on the beach go, as I had so much fun with that one. We're all tired, but happy, and thankful for the generosity of so many artists who made the event a huge success, and for many volunteers who joined in the fray to make it all happen!

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