Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Willow Jar

This is the "companion" piece to yesterday's painting. I worked on both of them simultaneously, and yes, those are the same roses. I guess I'm just cheap, and wanted to get my money's worth from the roses, which are insanely expensive these days. These are both quite small paintings, 5x5, but I have some really lovely frames that bring the finished product up to more like 12x12, so they have a nice presence on the wall.
I enjoy painting patterns on china or stoneware. For any of you artists out there, you'll notice that the pattern itself has to follow the light and shadow masses on the pot. Where the light is hitting it, the pattern is "lit", and it also must recede into the shadows on the part of the vase away from the light. Look at the difference in tone between the red flowers on the vase on the light and shadow sides to see an example of this. All part of creating the illusion of form.
Tomorrow, another 2 hour portrait from class.

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