Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Little Run In the Vermont Hills

This weekend Steve and I ran the Pittsfield Peaks 50-something mile race in the Green Mountains of Vermont.
The reason I say "50-something" is because nobody seemed to know for sure - and last minute course changes made the measurement even more problematic. Guestimates range from 51-54. Anyway, it was long.
And hot. And humid. See all the fog laying in the valleys - it was oppressively hot and hazy and humid all day. The kind of day where you are soaked with sweat from the start and your clothes are dripping with sweat. Hard to stay hydrated enough - you must watch the symptoms of dehydration very carefully so as not to get past the point of no return.
You can see all of Steve's photos here: Pittsfield Peaks.
My personal favorite is the one he took of himself right after puking on the trail. Ah... the reality of ultramarathon running!

It was a very tough run, 14K of climb and descent, lots of mud, steep climbs, and did I mention it was hot? But, well organized, and well marked. And really beautiful countryside.
Steve ran 12:55 for 25th place, and I was 30th place, and first of the "old ladies" in 13:18- faster than I anticipated, so I was pleased.
Tomorrow will be a whirlwind of cleaning, packing and errands before my trip out to New Mexico.
And I'm praying we don't end up covered in poison ivy, as quite a bit of that lush greenery was full of it.

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