Friday, February 29, 2008

Feb. 29, 2008 Leap Day!

This isn't a daily painting. I've been so darn busy trying to get ready for an upcoming exhibit, that
something had to give. I was planning on finishing this last night, and then our power went out. It was a strange power outtage.. before it went completely out, everything went on "dim" - lights were barely on, and nothing electronic would work. My easel light must pull more juice than a normal light, because it wouldn't come on either. This condition lasted about 2 hours, and then we totally lost power. So, I didn't get to quite finish it. (this photo is not of the finished product)
I have yet to complete the cloth and touch up a few edges.
This little Chinese teapot is pretty cool though. It's early 19th century, and, as you can see, is missing both its lid and its handle. The handle was probably originally bamboo. I like it anyway. When I was setting up this arrangement, those cinnamon sticks (yes, that's what those things are) fell out of another bowl, and I decided I liked them and put them in the painting.
Well, looks like tomorrow I'll have time to paint. We're due for another foot of snow tonight.
I heard on the news recently that soutwest NH has gotten well over 8 feet of snow already this winter. It's all on the sides of my driveway, I think.

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