Friday, January 25, 2008

January 25, 2008

I'm an artist, living in New England, working primarily in oils. About a month ago, I began a new project, completing a small painting every week day. Now, I'm not the first to do this - there are probably hundreds of artists committed to the process of a daily painting. Some have been doing it for years. It seemed like a good way to practice painting skills, get my "painting brain" warmed up every day for larger works, and also to just have fun. These daily paintings cover a wide variety of subject matter - really just about anything that strikes me on that day. In that regard, they are very enjoyable.
Today's painting of a mandarin orange, peeled and ready to eat, is really about light... how light hits the surface, how it travels through the flesh of the orange and creates some wonderful transluscence. The orange almost glows. I was pleased with the results.
You can see more of my daily paintings and other larger works on my website:
Though many of my works are available in a gallery setting, I will also be offering them for sale directly. Please contact me through my website if you are interested.

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